Live Streaming Platform For Comprehensive Virtual Engagement

In today’s modern digitized world, it is not enough to simply live stream your live virtual event. You must give your audience the advanced technology solutions that they have come to expect, by providing a fully integrated and seamless user experience. Set your event up for virtual success, and allow us to ensure the highest quality of rich content and seamless user participation.

Leveraging Dynamic, Customized Solutions For Your Virtual Event Platform Success

Our solutions have been developed with the following partners and products to deliver an optimized live streaming experience with the highest level of advanced technology available. Our innovative software is designed to support any size event, and is scalable to account for any number of attendees across global communities. We take pride in our software solutions that provide ease of use and transparent communication across all of our expansive partner networks.

Streamlined Attendee Registration Process

Our user interface allows for ease of registration with simple email and password setup, including 2FA via email verification

Networking Text Chat

Facilitate attendee connection and interaction during your virtual event, allowing for ease of global participation among participants

Live Polls

Engage your attendees throughout your virtual event with live polls and immediate results

Portal Announcement

Make sure attendees never miss an important announcement by messaging on your very own digital PA system

Up Voting, Comments, Q&A

Attendees can show approval by up voting, interact with comments, and ask urgent questions and receive immediate answers

Dynamic Agenda

Real time live updates to your event agenda, for circumstances when your virtual session runs over the allotted time, and to provide accommodation for unforeseen delays

Our Goal

Although we can provide the platform directly, it is advisable to work with your event organizer partners to create the optimal experience in your live virtual event. By utilizing your partners, you can focus on building your brand while the virtual experience is managed by a team of professionals.

Select your Virtual Event

Live Virtual Conference

Make your virtual event a success through incorporation of advanced innovative technology to provide your users with a fully engaging and interactive experience. Our technology is scalable to any event size, with fully customizable features that can be optimized for a global, multi-lingual audience. Through our wide array of solutions, you can ensure your content is fully branded consistently throughout your conference. You can also leverage our solutions to capture essential leads and participant analytics, which will ultimately lead to optimized marketing campaigns and increased sales.

Live Virtual AGM (Annual General Meetings)

When it’s time for your company’s annual meeting, go virtual with our platform to ensure full engagement and participation. We can provide seamless delivery of key presentations, plus ease of transition to breakout sessions, or smaller networking rooms. The live interaction platform also encourages real time question and answer sessions to facilitate understandable delivery of complex information.

Live Virtual Corporate Training

Ensure your business team is set up for success with virtual corporate training solutions and opportunities for continued education to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you are looking to train your entire staff on a new application or company policy, or you are looking for an efficient way to provide onboarding to newly hired team members, we can provide you with the customized solutions you need to ensure optimal team member performance.

Our Engaged Clients

With our expansive set of advanced virtual event technology solutions, your customers, attendees, and corporate employees will remain engaged, excited, and will gain the best ROI from their virtual experience. Furthermore, as we understand each client’s needs are unique and different, our solutions provide for complete flexibility and customization.

Let’s Connect!

Do you have an in-house engagement and events team? Let your events team focus on what they do best while you leave the advanced technology solutions to us. Our team of project managers can efficiently manage all event requirements while ensuring customization and collaboration across team members.

Let’s make something great together!

Modernize your virtual event with live conference streaming, engaging webinars, and large-scale town hall meetings. The possibilities are endless!

Technology Partners

Our success is fully integrated with our high-level technology partners and providers. Our specialized network of partners enhances our portfolio of solutions through creative design, platform development, advanced technology integration, security, and more. We ensure our network of partners and providers come together to create an optimal live streaming solution for each and every client.

Technology Providers

Find authorised 12Engage resellers for your business

12Engage resellers offer a range of services and support to help you deploy your next virtual/hybrid shows for your organisation. From production planning, to deployment, to post-sales technical support and end-user training, there is a 12Engage reseller that fits your business needs.

Get device support and advice

Ensure your business has the right mix of devices and accessories. 12Engage resellers can help with technical and servicing support.

Explore flexible buying options

Learn about custom options for your organisation, from platform customisation to consumables package for bandwidth and cloud hosting.

Deploy and integrate seamlessly

Quickly deploy the platform across your entire organisation and 3rd party tools and services with support from 12Engage resellers.

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